Turkey in April

Not to be deterred, I managed to visit friends in Turkey in April and we visited a number of wonderful places including the city of Iznik, Nicea in the Byzantine era, and a Roman bath in Basara. Turkey Favorites of April 2017

Bonaire in March

After our long trip to Egypt in February, we went to Bonaire to rest up. Spent the week hanging out on the beach and wandering about in the desert park. I even tried snorkeling for the first time in the mangroves and took my underwater camera…. Only tried to drown twice. Small issue about coordinating […]

Colorado trips in September and November

I have now posted public and private galleries from Colorado trips this fall including a short sunset hike east of Palisade where the Colorado river exits the De Beque canyon, a snowy visit to the Colorado National Monument with very interesting contrasts and a sneak trip to Craig and Hayden. I still have a number […]

Turkey walkabout

Spent last week with a friend from Nizip Turkey driving around southern Turkey. This “hieroglyph,” is from a Hittite settlement called Arslantepe in the city of Mayatela, Turkey. Just a teaser of the galleries to arrive over the next few weeks.

Site speed problems

Over the past several months I have updated the TTG engine which works within Adobe Lightroom to manage this entire site. Unfortunately, I experienced a significant decrease in speed at the same time as I significantly improved the ability to update and maintain a fresh look and feel. Last weekend, Matt the lead author of […]

Blog Theme updated

I finally found a sidebar widget that actually works and doesn’t complain about using the Google reCAPTCHA technology. I have also updated to the most recent TTG theme template, The end result is that the blog page is finally consistent with the rest of the site and doesn’t allow those pesky little spam-bots.  

Jeez. I have been slow in updating my blog.

In the past few months, I have been to Colombia, Scotland and Turkey. Images are posted. I have also made the mistake of introducing my office manager to aluminum dye infused images. She has gone crazy remodeling our office. Frankly I was a bit tired of the Hobby Lobby flower frames.  

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