Its only been 2 months since our visit to Egypt

I have been slowly processing some 8500 photos from our trip to Egypt in February. This is the first collection of nearly 20 sites. Abu Simbel is in southern or upper Egypt and is the first. Work keeps impeding my progress. We also visited Bonaire last month, photos also in the hopper, but will wait […]

Back to Argentina in September

I visited Buenos Aires, the rain forest and Iguazu falls region in 2013 and this year had the opportunity to return to Buenos Aires for a meeting. As usual, I took a few extra days and this time visited the Malbec wine country around Mendoza. This took a bit more effort than usual as the […]

In August we managed a return trip to Guatemala

Much closer than you might imagine, 2 1/2 hours south of Atlanta to Guatemala City. We spent a few days in Antigua and visited Lake Atitlan and returned to the Francis Ford Coppola resort in Flores for a few days and a return visit to Tikal. Central America Galleries including the new Guatemala galleries.

Two visits to Turkey this year

I visited in February and traveled to the most eastern region adjacent to the Armenian border and in August/September I visited European Turkey and Dalyan. Most interesting. 2016 Turkey galleries

Where is the Galleria slideshow?

The previous web publishing application was tightly integrated with Adobe Lightroom; unfortunately, the module within LR became slower over time as Adobe added more bells and whistles to its produce. The TTG group ultimately made the decision to develop a web based application which lives on the host server and all site development occurs in […]

The “New” site is complete

It has taken months, work and travel keep getting in the way of progress. I have completed an overhaul of the entire site over the past few months and today have completed the last component with the release of the WordPress Theme for TTG Backlight yesterday. Now all of the menus are drop-down and are […]

Broken links

Woke up this morning and Google had notified me that its web crawler had visited and found errors. I looked at the pages it found and they all were old links and when I redesigned the site some of the links changed. These were all fixed and Google had old links. Should self correct. I […]

Site overhaul.

The ttg group who provides the Adobe LR plugins for management of a website have been a bit frustrated with Adobe’s lack of commitment to their web module and with the progressive loss of speed with plugins in the web module. They also chose to take advantage of the evolutionary improvement in web applications and […]

Visited eastern Turkey and the ruins of Ani

I am slowly running out of new places to visit in Turkey. The ancient city of Ani is  located on the border of Turkey and Armenia. The history is rife with people behaving badly toward one another. The photography in February was incredible. Colors and sky and absence of distractors such as other tourists.

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